Tuesday, July 15, 2008


So after shopping Saturday, I was looking through all the letter stickers and paper flowers and other goodies I bought and it hit me... I have a Cricut...I can cut practically anything I want...especially letters or flowers...wasn't that the reason I invested so much money in the Cricut Expression and the Sure Cuts Alot program...why am I still spending money on these things?...because I'm lazy...yep, l.a.z.y! I would rather pull out a sheet of stickers and just slap them down, even if it's not exactly the right color or size. The time I get to scrap is limited, so time is of the essence, and speedy is the way to go. Plus, by the time I decide what I want to cut my table is covered in supplies and my Cricut is burried...taking the time to uncover it, find the color paper, and decide which font, etc... I could already be done when using store bought goodies...be it letters, flowers, etc. So here is my epiphany...have a cutting day! Instead of taking my time to scrapbook, I'll cut all sizes, colors, and fonts of letters and different flowers and other shapes, then I'll have them as easily accesible as my store bought supplies. I can't wait to try this out and see how much money I save by really using the tools I have at home!


Jodie said...

I picked you to receive an award...check out my blog.

Mary Kate said...

I was able to visit a scrappin' store in Atlanta by the Temple today. I was very excited to go there but when I walked in, I was shocked to see open spaces in the store. I almost told the lady it was a sin not to have this store jammed packed with goodies! It was still very nice, but I am used to our local store where everytime you turn around, you're knocking down products! it was still nice to see different things. I really appreciate our local store after going to this one! TRUDY


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