Thursday, January 15, 2009



This isn't the best page I've ever created but I love the story behind it.
A few days ago my 3 yo comes up to me and tosses a crumpled paper on my lap and runs away. I open it and realize she got her hands on a cute journal tag my sister made for me and a black permanent marker. Of course, I'm upset. Can you blame me? My 3 yo is running around with a black permanent marker! My husband yells to me from the other end of the house that he has the marker in his possesion and he doesn't see any further damage. Whew! Now that I am no longer paniced, I look at the crumpled tag in my hand and notice that my daughter only scribbled on the journal lines. Curious, I ask, "What does this say?" "I love mommy, yes sirree," she replies in her best serious voice. How could I stay mad after that? No way. I knew right then the journal tag was still making it onto a scrapbook page.


Amy said...

What a great page. I love the story with it. I'm so glad you were able to still use it and scrap such a cute topic. I love the colors in it. The title is great with the yes sirree written around it. Love the green edged paper as well. Very cute page! The pics you scrapped were great too! Everyday greatness!

The Walker Family said...

Wonderful page and story! You changed the layout from what I thought it would be, which is great because it gives me another sketch to put in my recipe box!


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