Thursday, December 27, 2007

Catching Up

With the holidays I've been busy. I still found time to scrap but I got behind on my blog, so here's a catch-up post with a few things I've been busy creating.

Queen of Scream journaling reads, "When Jordan was a baby she cried and screamed almost all of the time. She has a good reason, she had acid reflux. Some how the nickname "queen of scream" got started. She's continued to live up to that nickname."

Read To Me journaling reads, "Gavin started kindergarten this year and quickly learned to read. He is so excited to read all by himself. My heart just swells when I watch him read. Such a proud mommy moment!

Jordan loves it when "Buddy" reads to her. Gavin lets her point to each picture and he tells her what each one is. Sometimes he'll point to a picture and ask her what it is or he'll tell her to find a certain picture. They are so sweet to watch.

I'm so happy that my children love books and reading, just like me and Daddy. I hope my children will continue to enjoy reading good books and someday pass on the love of books to my grandchildren."

Always Coca-cola journaling reads, "I can't remember the year I started collecting Coca-cola. I do remember it all started with one picture that I received on Christmas Eve. I hung that picture in my kitchen. I started noticing anything and everything Coca-cola. Before long i had accumulated quite a collection. Friends and family would find fun and interesting things and give them to me on my birthday, Christmas, or just because. I have so many wonderful collectibles. My top 5 favorites are 1) The mini coke that only measures 3 inches high that's from Japan given to me by Kim Stroud. 2) The coca-cola bank that looks like a mini soda machine. 3) The 6 1/2 inch coke from Japan given to me by my Aunt Becky. 4) Glasses in the shape of coke cans my parents gave me for my birthday. 5) The chalkboard John & I found in Vegas at Coca-cola World on our one year anniversary. The funny thing is ... I hate to drink coca-cola! Mountain Dew and Dr. Pepper are my favorite."

Butt Cakes journaling reads, "In our family we call rear-ends honey buns. One day I gave the kids Little Debbie Honey Buns for an after school snack. A little while later Gavin ran up to me and asked, "Can i have another one?" "Another what?" I replied. "You know, those butt cakes!" We now refer to Honey Buns as Butt Cakes."

Also, be sure to check out the homepage at . I won the monthly contest!! You can see my page there. As my prize I received a kit from the Story Tellers Club. I'm so excited about the kit. It's packed full of paper and embellishments and it came in a great reusable 12x12 case.

Thanks so much for taking the time to stop in and take a peek at my work!


Boston Family said...

You really got a lot done!!! all of your LO look great!

Jayne said...

WOW! You are really creating some awesome layouts Rachel! Thanks for sharing :)Enjoy your new kit!


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