Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Scrappy New Year

I used over 90 index pictures on this two pager. I rearranged the pictures 4 times before I liked the look and still had enough room to journal.

Jordan had tubes put in her ears. Gavin fell off the top bunk. His eyes swelled shut from allergens in the carpet. Jordan still had her poof hair.
It snowed a few inches. The kids built a tiny snowman. Jordan tasted snow.
Jordan and Blake would look at each other and scream. We met Dad for lunch at the duck pond on UAH campus and fed the ducks. We lived the "suite" life for three days during our vacation in Chattanooga, TN. We visited the Aquarium and Children's Museum. Jordan was too cute standing on her tip-toes.
Easter egg hunt @ the Broadhurst's house. Jordan found one egg then sat in her basket. The other kids made out like bandits. John took the kids to Panoply with the Dineharts.
We saw Spiderman 3 with the Broadhursts at the old Lincoln theater. Natalee turned 8 and was baptized and confirmed by Daddy. We got new flooring! I went to the ER with a hurt foot. I wore a brace for a long time.
Jordan learned to swing on the big kid swing. Kyle visited all summer. The kids put the sprinkler under the trampoline to keep cool. We found a butterfly that just left the cocoon. Kyle was never without his PSP. We had a week long vacation in our hometown. We visited the Depot and the Early Works Museum. We went to see the Transformers. We ate at Chuck E. Cheese. Jordan glued her eye shut with a melted fruit snack.
We spent the day @ Point Mallard Water park. 4th of July @ the Boston's. Jordan loved fireworks. The guys loved the potato gun. We had our very own "Ninja Warrior" @ the park. Dad & Nat won & they had the blisters to prove it. Jordan discovered puddles. Gavin got to pet a dragon!
We bought a new 36" HDTV and Wii! Aryn & Natalee had their first slumber party.
John & I celebrated our 5th Anniversary by going to the theater & watching 4 movies in one day. Aryn's now double digits - 10!
Gavin learned to tie his shoes all by himself! Gavin learned to read!
For Halloween John dressed as a Devil and I dressed as an angel. Aryn was "fabulous." Natalee dressed as a bat queen. Gavin was black Spiderman. Jordan was as duck to one party and a bee at the other. Amy & I dressed alike and went as twins.
We bought Monkey Buddy for Jordan. Jordan & I went to Tate farm with Gavin's kindergarten class. Gavin turned 6! John & I went to the Bridge Street Towne Center on opening weekend. I went with Aryn to her math competition @ the Space and Rocket Center. This was the last year the Quinn's will join us for Thanksgiving at the Broadhurst's. The day after Thanksgiving we all had gumbo @ Broadhurst's. Nathan and John tied at 100
points playing Ticket to Ride.
Jordan turned 2!
We had a wonderful Christmas @ the Broadhurst's. We are so thankful for the
wonderful, blessed year we've enjoyed.


Jayne said...

:faint!: Wonderful job using all those pictures. What a treasure!!

Boston Family said...

I love the new header! Great job!

The Walker Family said...

Love it!


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