Sunday, March 2, 2008

Legacy of Faith

On my last scrapbook page I posted, "If It Weren't For Change We Wouldn't Have Butterflies," I included in my journaling some of my personal testimony of my Savior, Jesus Christ and it got me thinking, that is what I want to leave my posterity, my testimony, a legacy of faith! It hit me, duh, that is why we are asked to keep journals. What is a scrapbook? A journal with pictures. I started searching the Internet for ideas on religious scrapbooking and one of my favorite finds was Patter Cross' blog Triple the Scraps where she posts Scripture Challenges. She focuses on one word each week and searches for verses with that word, then alters a card using them as inspiration. I just love the idea! Searching the scriptures for verses to use on scrapbook pages, what a great way to get me motivated! I decided I want to do something like this each week. I wanted to be sure to include my scrapbook buddies so I'll be posting on my blog each Sunday a different spiritual focus for a scrapbook page each week. Maybe a word or topic that I heard at church that got me thinking. Maybe a quote I find while planning my lessons. These will be powerful and meaningful pages for us to create, but, most importantly, for our children and grandchildren who will flip through these pages and, hopefully, the Spirit can witness to them what we wrote is true. I hope some of you will join in on these challenges! If you do, please, post in the comments with a link to your scrapbook page so everyone can be inspired by what you created.

For my first challenge I want to start with my conversion story. Something I know is very special and personal to each of us. I grew up going to church but I still have my own conversion story...share yours!
Things you may want to include in your journaling:
How old were you?
Was it a slow and gradual process or did you have a defining moment?
Who were the people who influenced you? How so and in what ways?
Was there a defining moment? (a special prayer or experience)
How did you change and how did your life change after?
Your page will mostly be a journaling page. Most of us don't have pictures for this but you may want to consider including photos of you, photos of people who influenced you, or a peaceful picture. I suggest using your own handwriting for your journaling since this is a very special page and deserves the personal touch of your own handwriting even if you think your handwriting is awful! If you have too much journaling to fit onto the pages then use computer journaling but maybe use a font that looks like handwriting to make it look more personal and then sign and date it in your own handwriting.

I'm so excited to get started. I know I will have to take some quiet time to think and remember some of my feelings and thoughts I would like to share. What a great way to "force" myself to take some quiet time to feel the Spirit and the love of my Savior!


The Walker Family said...

I love the idea Rachel. thanks for letting in on this great challenge. We do tend to get caught up with everyday life that we sometimes forget to scrap our testimonies and about our faith. COunt me in on this one. Maybe it'll bring me out of my "muse"

Amy said...

I'm sooo excited!! These are going to be awesom challenges. I'm definately in. Great Sunday projects. You are sooo right about leaving our Legacy of faith.

Amy B.

Cari said...

What a great idea! I am going to work on my craft room this week so hopefully by Sunday I will finally have a place where I can shut the door! and get to work on my scrapbook. I totally want to take part in your challenge. Thanks!


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